CALLSTAR PLUS International outsourcing contact center


International outsourcing contact center CallStar Plus,
one of the largest regional players in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the United States and Canada with headquarters in Sarasota (USA), Slovakia (Bratislava), Cambridge (Canada, Ontario), Kiev (Ukraine), St. Petersburg (Russia), Minsk ( Belarus) is a partner of leading companies. We serve more than 150 projects for customers from 17 countries. We make the customer service reliable and simple.
Satisfaction of our customers is the main engine of our progress.

Advantages of the work:


- Prepared solutions for business
- Customized solutions for business
- Working in 24/7/365 mode
- Personal Project Manager
- KPI system for personnel
- Minimum quality indicators for receiving calls:
SLA 80/20, LCR <5%


- Modern equipment 
- The capacities are distributed between 5 sites
- Established group of trainers and training managers
- Huge practical experience of integration with any CRM systems
- The project start date is 14 working days (up to 30,000 minutes)


- Working and technical supporting in mode 24/7/365;
- SL 80/20, 90/20, 90/10;
- Percentage of lost calls < 5%;
- FCR — 90%;
- Service availability level 99,3%;
- Personal account: statistics online;
- Scalability in the "+" mode of 100 jobs per month





Active sales channel of your company with constantly growing volumes of sold goods / services and a pledge of high reputation. This is direct contact with the client, which allows not only to determine the target audience, but also to increase the efficiency of sales and interaction with the client.
Telemarketing allows:
- Form a new sales channel
- Keep in touch with customers
- Increase Sales
- Expand the coverage of your business
- Minimize operating costs
- Increase the profitability of your business



The team of operators constantly works with the bases of potential customers. Calling up a large number of contacts, we form an active client base, interested in buying your product or service.
Service allows:
- Assemble the base of active contacts
- Expand customer base
- Get feedback on the demand for your products and services
- To familiarize potential customers with your products or services
- Submit or remind about your brand



This is important information that will help you understand and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Correctly using the collected data, you will be able to make timely decisions and achieve maximum results.
Surveys and questionnaires allow:
- To learn and analyze the opinion and attitude of customers to your product or products of competitors
- Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
- Make a portrait of the target audience
- Identify the time, place and target audience for launching a new product




Solves by phone any complications of customers that arise when using your product or service. Each user will promptly receive the necessary assistance in resolving the issue raised by a qualified specialist.

Technical support allows:
- Solve any questions about using your product / service
- Optimize operating costs to support your business
- Give an opportunity to do business, not its problems
- Improve the company's image
- Increase customer loyalty
- Diversifie operational internal risks of business



Allow your customers to get quality advice in choosing a product / service, finding the best alternative, if it is not available, as well as recommendations on related products.
The services allow:
- Advising on the choice of goods or services
- Support in finding the best alternative if the product is not available
- Increase Sales
- Save and increase the customer base
- Create a cross-selling system for different types of products and services



The service "Hotline" is popular among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, who prefer to concentrate on doing business, and to accompany clients and routine work on communication with clients to professionals. One of the most effective customer feedback services helps in solving the problems of any complexities associated with your product / service. Increases loyalty to the company and provides a holistic view of the needs of all customers. These data can be used to conduct successful advertising campaigns.
Hotline allows:  
- Increase customer loyalty to the company
- Optimize operating costs for maintaining your own sales departments, logistics etc.
- Get feedback from customers
- Check the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns

Stages of work:

Development of a launch plan

We immerse ourselves in the details of your business,
determine the objectives of the project and
develop an individual launch plan.

Team Selection

Progressive personnel selection system according to the best HR-practices allows you to choose the ideal team for solving the problems of your project.

Training of staff

We teach the project team the features of your product / service to the level of quality according to your standards.

Launching the project in life

Daily monitoring and cutting of project indicators, process adjustment and coordination with the Client.


The cost of services from $ 3 per hour, depends on the complexity, duration, and scope of the project.
For the formation of the proposal, please call or leave your contact details below.


For customers from CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan):
Phone: +38(068)381-12-31 (Kate)

For customers from Europe, USA, Canada:
Phone: +38(067)219-39-30 (Sergei)

Please leave your contact details and ask a question. Leading managers of our company will contact you in the near future:

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